Mummies & King Tut (Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study Day 2)

This Mummies & King Tut lesson is Day 2 in the Ancient Egyptian Class or Unit Study for homeschoolers  This lesson is designed for children in grades 1-6.

Ancient Egypt Unit Study Day 2:

Mummies & King Tut

Length: 40-70 minutes (Our class was 60 minutes long, so we didn't have time for the extras listed at the end, but it still worked out perfectly.)

Goals: Students will use logic and listening/visual skills to learn about King Tut and mummies. They will discover challenges in wrapping by creating a mummy craft.

Lesson Outline (details below):

1- Previous Knowledge Poster
2- Tomb Artifacts
3- Mummy Video
4- Mummy Candleholder Craft
5- Optional: Mummify a hotdog.
Optional: A Home's Artifacts
Optional: Tech: Exploring King Tut's Tomb


* posterboard
* markers
* website:
* optional website:
* video:
* little mason jars
* peel & stick eyes
* medical tape or gauze
* tea light candles

Detailed Lesson:


1- Print out the article at 
Optionally, cut out the pictures.

Lesson (with your kiddos!):

1- Place the posterboard in the middle of your kids, and ask them what they already know about mummies? Let them write or draw pictures on the posterboard of what they already know. After 5-10 minutes, let everyone take a turn telling about one of the things they put on the posterboard.

2- Tell your kiddos: In 1922 two British archaeologists discovered a set of limestone steps that descended down into an unknown part of Egypt's Valley of the Kings. The passageway was blocked with sealed doors that had royal stamps on it. What would you think if you were one of the archaeologists?

Tell your kids: One of the archaeologists, Edward Carter, had been looking for an undiscovered tomb for two decades! He was sure this was it! After they worked their way through the doors, they found a HUGE tomb with 5 different rooms and large passages in it! Some were big enough to hold even hold full-sized chariots and boats! Eventually they found more than 5,000 items in the tomb, including everything from furniture and animals to clothes and jewelry. I have some pictures of some of the things they found in his tomb. (If you cut out the pictures, place them in a bowl and let everyone take turns drawing one or two pictures out. Otherwise, set them all on the table or floor.) What do you think we can figure out about ancient Egyptian life from these items that were in the tomb?

Discuss their ideas as they look at the pictures.

Tell your kids: The next year, in 1923, they finally made it all the way to the burial chamber, where they found the mummified King Tutankamen (aka King Tut). I'm going to show you a short video about mummies in ancient Egypt...when we finish I'm going to ask you to share either something new you learned or what you thought was the coolest thing in the video.

3- Show the video at

Give all your kids a chance to share something new or cool from the video!

4- Explain that the process to wrap the mummy is very detailed and can take many days. We're going to try out our wrapping skills by making little mummy candle holders!

First, put the peel and stick eyes on the little mason jar. Then "wrap" the mummy with the medical tape or gauze. Finally, place a tea light candle inside the jar and turn it on!

If your time is up, review what they've learned and their favorite parts of the day.

If you have more time or want to try the optional activities...

5- A: Click here to get instructions on mummifying (or drying out) a hotdog!

B: The ancient Egyptians tried to put everything in their tombs that they would need to live in their next life. In many ways, the tombs were like homes for their spirits: they decorated the walls, brought in furniture, and even mummified pets to go with them! We walk through their tombs and try to get an idea of what they believed and how they lived. If someone were to walk through your home, what would they think about you? What would they think is important to you? What would they think you believe?

C: Learn about King Tut's tomb by exploring this website:

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