Homeschool Space Science Unit Study

You've found our Homeschool Space Science Unit Study! It's perfect for solar sytem-loving astronomy fans and anyone who wants to learn more about space and our solar system with hands-on science projects! This unit also works great for a summer camp or homeschool co-op class!

I am delighted to be sharing this unit study with you as we work on it! As I write up each day's lesson, I will link it to the plan below! When I finish, you will have the option of purchasing the whole unit with bonus printables or using the free lesson plans below any time! You will know you can click on the lessons when they are highlighted in yellow!

I hope you love them!!

Venus Science Experiment: Carbon Dioxide Clouds
Venus Science Experiment 2: Carbon Dioxide on the pH Scale
Earth Science Experiment: Water - Surface Tension
Mars Science Experiment: Wind or Volcanoes
Jupiter Science Experiment: Hydrogen or Electricity (metallic hydrogen conducts electricity)
Ganymede Science Experiment: Layers of a Very Big Moon
Saturn Science Experiment: Rings of Saturn
Uranus Science Experiment: Smelly Gas
Neptune Science Experiment: Blue flames or Strongest winds on a planet (over 1500 mph)
Pluto Science Experiment: An Occasional Atmosphere (mostly surface nitrogen ice thaws near the sun and forms a thin atmosphere; farther away it refreezes into the dwarf planet with no atmosphere)

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!