Big Readers Series Set 1: Octopuses, Sea Horses, Sharks, Polar Bears, & Snails Emergent Readers

I am delighted to offer you the first bundle of the Big Readers Series! Set 1 includes 5 amazing emergent readers! It includes each of the following titles: Octopuses, Sea Horses, Sharks, Polar Bears, and Snails!

This series began as my son's reading skills started to expand, and he was suddenly ready for more than picture books, but not quite ready for chapter books.

He is also a very picky reader (I really don't like the term "reluctant reader," but...), and needed material that was super high interest, not "baby" topics, and just challenging enough that he could figure out most  of the words by himself.

When I couldn't find anything that quite fit the bill, I started creating this series. He loved them! They were perfect! Each book has 1-3 words that were very difficult for him--enough to challenge him, but not so many that he gave up on the book! 

And the pictures are fantastic! Most of them are *real* pictures of real animals! The only exception is the shark book. I had a hard time finding enough high quality shark images, so instead I used shark illustrations. I still think they are incredible.

We used each of these books for one week. On Monday, we read it together and worked on any trouble words or sounds. It took about 15 minutes to go through the book. On Tuesday and Wednesday he read the book to me and we reviewed the new sounds or trouble words. On Thursday and Friday he read the book to himself, a sister, his dad or our dog. By these days, he was reading each book in about 5-7 minutes.

This is a short-lived "stage" in reading: my son has already moved on to chapter books. But it was an important part of his reading experience! I intend to make more sets at the same level for him to use as "easy" books and to read to his sisters--everybody loves learning about wild animals!

We are also going to use these books (and the next set, which is coming soon!) for research projects. Now that this is an "easy" level for my son, it will be perfect for him to use to learn about the research process.

You can get the books in this series in three ways!

#1: Just use the "ADD TO CART" button below!


#2: Go to TeachersPayTeachers and buy it there!

#3: Go to the "free" tab above, and click through to find each file separately. You will have to navigate this site and download each emergent reader separately if you want to get them free. I make them available in this way because I don't want to exclude anyone who might need them, but if you can afford to purchase the set, please do so. You are supporting our small business, and I truly appreciate you!

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!