Virus Unit Study--FREE for 2 Weeks!!

Covid-19, coronavirus, and viruses are a hot topics right now! Since my kids are more curious about viruses than ever, I decided this would be the perfect time to learn more about them with this Virus Unit Study!

What is a virus?
How do viruses make us sick?
How do viruses spread?
How do our bodies respond to viruses?
How do vaccines help us beat viruses?
Have there ever been other pandemics?
Does social distancing really help?

These are just a few of the topics that I introduce in this Virus Unit Study!

The unit study is divided into 10 lessons, and most of the lessons take 20-40 minutes, depending on the age and skill of your children. I wrote the lessons for my 4th and 7th graders, but my 1st grader will be joining us for most of the unit as well.  There is a lot of material that you can easily adjust above or below the target age range.

The final lesson is a research project--it will take more than one 40-minute day! I give my children as many days as they need to finish projects like this--it usually ends up taking about a week. 

At the end of the unit is a bonus experiment and case study--you can add them in anywhere you want or use them to substitute for an activity you don't like!

The entire unit has 10 experiments or activities, 2 games, 6 informative reading passages, and 1 research project.

UPDATE: I put this unit together in the spring of 2020. It provides an awesome introduction to viruses and how they work with a few brief points about coronaviruses, but the pandemic is not the focal point of the unit.

You can print the whole unit at once, or just print the pages you are interested in!

Please encourage your friends and other teachers to come here (to this website) to get their copy (do not just email them a copy or send them a direct link or save it in a group or shared drive).  When people come directly to this website, your visit helps pay for the resources here--even if you're downloading a free file! This helps me cover our homeschool and living expenses, and allows me to continue to create resources to share with all of you!  ❤️

AND, since Covid-19 is creating so many new homeschooling situations, I am sharing this Virus Unit Study free FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY!!  Download it now, save it on your computer, and use it with your children whenever you're ready for it!  ❤️

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!



  1. Thank you so very, very much. My kids NEED this!

  2. Thank you I know if many adults I will use this unit study with right now lol I appreciate your time and sharing what you put together.