Snails & Slugs Science Homeschool Unit Study

This awesome snails and slugs science homeschool unit study is full of hands-on activities and games that will teach all about one of our favorite backyard critters! It is designed for elementary aged kids, and can be easily adapted for preschool through 6th grade levels.

You can get the Snails & Slugs Science Unit Study in two ways: {FREE} or {PAID}.

1- {FREE} The free version is available by clicking through the lesson titles or images below. Each has the lesson instructions and information in a post on this blog and a link to a printable that goes with the lesson. The printables are optional (except for the must be printed!), and if your kids don't write well yet or need to move more, just don't print/use the printable. On the other hand, if you want to use the science lesson as part of your writing time or to create a portfolio, feel free to print off the lab reports and fill them out! 

The free version does not have the Bonus Printables (see below for details). 

Here are the lessons:


2- {PAID}  The paid version is a 28-page printable pdf that includes all the lesson plans, instructions, and information in the {FREE} version PLUS the following BONUS Printable Activities:

* Snail & Slug Species Cards (a fun sample of snails and slugs that you can use for games like memory or matching...or use them as topics for extra research!)
* Land Snail Food Web Cards (cards to build likely food webs and food chains of land snails)
* Sea Snail Food Web Cards (cards to build likely food webs and chains of sea snails)
* Snail Writing Prompts (four creative writing ideas based on snails and slugs)

The unit study is built around four experiments. Each experiment is part of a fun and hands-on lesson that can be studied more for older kids or simplified for younger kids--perfect for homeschoolers or mixed age classes and clubs!

Science topics covered include the following:

* Scientific Method
* Making predictions
* Making hypotheses
* Testing & Experimenting
* Analyzing results
* Drawing conclusions
* Recording and sharing data
* Snail anatomy
* Critical thinking
* Basic organs: heart, lung, ganglia, mouth, digestive system, sensory organs
* Sorting
* Comparing & contrasting
* Physical characteristics
* Characteristics of objects & organisms
* Warm-blooded, cold-blooded, endotherm, ectotherm
* Hibernation, estivation
* Problem solving
* Basic needs of animals
* Diet
* Energy, flow of energy, 10% rule
* Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore
* Producers, consumers
* Food webs, food chains

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!!

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