Snail Life Cycle Game + Snails & Slugs Science Homeschool Unit Study

This super fun Snail Life Cycle Game teaches major aspects of snail life cycles while introducing several astonishing species of snails and slugs! It is part of my Snails & Slugs Science Unit Study...scroll to the very end to learn more about this fun homeschool unit study!

Despite all looking similar, Gastropods (the HUGE Class of animals that includes snails and slugs, inside the Phylum Mollusca) are more diverse than mammals! They all begin life inside eggs, live as a juvenile, and then lay more eggs as an adult. Most do not have a larva stage, but some sea snails do! Their life is filled with eating high calcium foods to strengthen a constantly growing shell while trying not to get eaten themselves!

This game introduces the basics of the snail and slug life cycle (eggs, juvenile, adult, eggs), the every day burden of finding food and avoiding predators, and some of the more unique species of snails and slugs. It is as fast paced as your kids can roll a die and read a Life Cycle Card, or as calm and relaxing as you can speculate on the fate of a snail that survives digestion!

The play of the game is straightforward and included on the gameboard...roll a die and move from the beginning to the end of the game. Follow instructions for any special circles you land on. If you land on a pink murex sea shell, pick up the top Life Cycle Card, read it, and move forward or backward as indicated. The first person to pass the Finish line wins!

Click HERE to download the game!

This game is part of the Snails & Slugs Science Unit Study. The unit includes 4 hands-on lessons and a set of printable bonus activities!  It's perfect for homeschool families and co-ops.  Click here to learn more!

This game is also perfect for a DIY Summer Camp! If you need a calm group activity that is still fun and teaches about snails, you will love using this game! You can get more DIY Summer Camp ideas HERE and more bug, insect & macroinvertebrate activities HERE!

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