The Great Pumpkin Patch Mystery {Limited Time Freebie}

I shared this Pumpkin Patch Mystery with my kids this morning and am very happy to report that it is now ready for the world!

The Great Pumpkin Patch Mystery includes 5 parts: the Introduction, Suspect Cards, Tracking  Sheet, Clue Cards, and a Solution Sheet.

The Introduction introduces Farmer Jill, whose pumpkin patch has been raided by a pumpkin smasher! Your kids are being enlisted to help the authorities determine the identity of the nefarious smasher!

The Suspect Cards introduce six suspects and their possible motives. Keep these handy while you are working through the clues.

The Tracking Sheet has room to record all six suspects, and mark if they are guilty or not, as you move through the clues.

The nine clue cards will eliminate five of the suspects. Two cards are not necessary, but the other clues each identify one innocent suspect. After five innocent suspects are identified, the remaining suspect is guilty!

The clue cards vary--one uses footprint information, another uses math, another uses a simple code, and others are logic-based.

The Solution Sheet lets your kids check their own answers--make sure you don't give this to your kids before they solve the mystery!

This mystery takes individual students 20-30 minutes to complete. My 4th grader took spent about thirty minutes solving it and my 7th grader spent about 20.

I am sharing this mystery for free for three days! Make sure you grab it before then!

And if you're looking for more homeschool unit studies, be sure to check out our growing collection here!

Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!



  1. My students LOVED this! Do you have any more?

    Thank you!

    1. YES! I'm so glad you liked it! I'm working on some holiday ones now! You can see all that I've finished so far at <3

    2.'s a better link!

  2. Thank you Carla!
    What a wonderful variety of content for my Grade 3 child.
    Many thanks

  3. Thank you so much for this! My 6 year old loved it, even though it was a little beyond him. Because he is not reading yet nor writing independently, I read everything to him and took notes, etc., but we were still able to work together on most of the clues. When we had solved the mystery he asked, “Now what do we do?!” I think he was ready to call the police to let them know who the criminal was! I do want to add a little FYI: I that I think there is a little mistake on the clue cards. There are two cards that are notes taken from Victor’s suitcase and planner. However, I think the note from the planner was probably supposed to be from Benny’s planner.