Detective Mysteries for Kids!

I am excited to introduce a new line of logic projects I've been working on: detective mysteries for kids!

The biome mysteries have a double purpose: 1- entertain my kids while they practice logic skills (they LOVE these mysteries, so I'm trying to make one a week now!) and 2- teach about different biomes around the world. We love to travel and learn about different places, and since we can't go somewhere new every week, at least we can solve a new mystery!

Now that the holiday season is here (yes, I count November as the holiday season!) I am also making holiday mysteries too! Travel the world, learn about different Christmas customs, AND solve a mystery! :D  

Most of these mysteries are designed for children in 3rd-7th grade. Obviously there's a lot of wiggle room--read through it and see if you think your kids would like it or not!

I'm sorting these by time involved: Less than 25 minutes to solve and 25-50 minutes to solve. I generally like the mysteries to take less than an hour because most of our "classes" are under an hour. Also, most of the mysteries come in packets that include games and other learning activities you can do with it if you have more than one day or more than 50 minutes (or if your kids are particularly fast)!




1- Tropical Rainforest Biome Mystery: travel to the Amazon and figure out who is trying to smuggle a macaw onto an airplane!

2- Desert Biome Mystery: travel to the American southwest desert and figure out what happened to a small bird!



1- Arctic Tundra Biome Mysterytravel to the Canadian arctic and solve the mystery of a stolen delicacy!

2- African Savanna Biome Mystery: Travel to Africa to learn about tropical grasslands and solve a criminal mystery!

3- Mystery of the Stolen Amulet: travel to Egypt and figure out who has stolen an amulet from a museum while learning more about Egypt! This mystery takes a little more preparation work, so be sure to read through the instructions in advance. ;)  It also took our co-op class a full 60 minute class period...but it is SUPER fun!

4- The Great Pumpkin Patch Mystery: this fall themed mystery is lots of fun and pairs great with a pumpkin cooking activity or life cycle project!

More are coming soon!

And be sure to let me know if you enjoyed them--I LOVE hearing from you! I put a ton of work into these and make many of them free, so it always means the world when you tell me how they worked for you! You can tag me on Facebook (Teaching Without Chairs Homeschool) or Instagram (Preschool_Powol_Packets) or even send me an email!

As always, please do not share the files above in emails or in shared drives on Facebook or other groups--just link to this page and encourage your friends to download their own copies. This allows me to continue making them and offering so many for free. You are always welcome to print as many  copies as you need for your own family or classroom. Feel free to email me if you have any questions ( -- I'm super friendly. :D  Thank you!!

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!