Rainforest Monkey Math Card Game {to go with Magic Tree House book 6}

We are SO excited about the sixth Magic Tree House Book (Afternoon on the Amazon) because it takes place in a tropical rainforest (the Amazon), and we are heading to a tropical rainforest for a family vacation (in Costa Rica)!  As my kids get more excited for our trip, they get less excited about practicing "boring" things like math facts, so I made this multiplication card game to help make it more fun for them!

Click HERE to see all the activities we've been doing with the Magic Tree House Books! They're designed for kids about 6-9 years old, though my 12-year old and 3-year old have also joined us in all the activities so far--they're really easy to adapt to a variety of ages! 

This monkey multiplication card game is FAST and EASY! (My favorite kind of game!) It is also really low stress--we asked each other questions (like "What squared is 169?") all the time, and there is enough monkey matching, that nobody got stressed out about knowing or not knowing the answers.  (On the other hand, there was as much monkey matching as there was math reviewing, so it's probably not time to give up on math lessons yet, lol!)

Anyway, there are four types of monkeys in Costa Rica: the capuchins, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and howlers. All four also live in the Amazon rainforest! 

So there are four types of cards in the deck: capuchin cards, spider monkey cards, squirrel monkey cards, and howler monkey cards.  Each type of card has all the "double" multiplication facts from 1-15 (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc.) and all the answers (1, 4, 9, 16, etc.).

This game reviews the double squared multiplication facts. There are also blank cards for you to write in facts that you are particularly working on!

To Set Up:  First shuffle all the cards and then deal them out to all players. Each player then turns over the top card of their deck and places it in the center. Finally, each player takes the top three cards of their deck into their hand. 

To Play:  Each player matches one of the cards in their hand with one of the cards in the center of the table. You can match either the math problem (you can play a 9 on any other "9" card or "3x3" card) or the monkeys (you can play any capuchin card on any other capuchin card). As soon as you play one card you can draw another one to replace it, so that you always have up to three cards in your hand. 

The first player to play their entire deck wins!

There are no turns--everybody plays at once!

If there is ever a time when nobody can play, each player can choose one card to play on top of one pile in the middle of the table and resume play like normal.

I recommend printing on cardstock so they can be played with longer. ;) 


And, as I mentioned above, we are talking about the rainforest in connection with the Magic Tree House books! We've just finished Book 6 (Afternoon on the Amazon) with our online book club! You can see the other activities we've done to go with the Magic Tree House books HERE (as well as meet the other bloggers in our Magic Tree House group)!

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!