Open and Go Science Curriculum

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Open and Go Science Curriculum! 

I have had so many people tell me that they want a science curriculum for their kindergarten and elementary children that they don't have to read in advance or plan for. They just want to "open and go!" I've resisted creating this for years because I feel like early science should be child-driven, and hands-on, not something that you open and read. But after literally hundreds of requests, I decided it was time to find a solution!

This Open and Go Science Curriculum melds my desire for children to explore with many parents' need to share a standards-based curriculum that "covers" important age-appropriate information. Each unit is centered around a popular kindergarten theme, comes with picture book suggestions (both fiction and nonfiction), and is divided into eight lessons. Each lesson includes short, exciting information passages for  you to read to your child, activity pages that you can write/cut directly (or even just talk about them as you look at a computer), and hands-on suggestions that require so little preparation that you can do it with your child as you read the instructions. Finally, in case you have a child that loves to color, each unit also includes optional coloring pages!

I am REALLY excited to share this with you... if you are looking for an easy-to-use, organized, simple, and FUN science curriculum, I think you will LOVE this!!

Starting with...

 Kindergarten Science!

Kindergarten science is divided into 9 units. Each themed unit includes the following:

1- 8 Open & Go Lessons (with a passage for you to read to your child, 1-3 activity pages, and 1-3 hands-on experiments/activity suggestions
2- Book Suggestions
3- Blank Weather Calendar
4- Unit Overview Page
5- Optional Coloring Pages

The nine Kindergarten themes are:
* All About Me 
* Rocks 
* Pumpkins 
* Volcanoes 
* Penguins 
* Snow
* Birds
* Reptiles
* Insects & Invertebrates

If you teach 2 lessons a week, each unit lasts about one month and the entire curriculum takes about a year. You are welcome to mix up the lessons and units in any order you like!

Completing all 9 units meets all the Kindergarten Science Standards in the state of Virginia, plus a lot of other fun science topics! 


If you don't complete all 9 units, don't stress! The most important thing about kindergarten science is nurturing a love of learning!
Do NOT stress about memorizing all the cool facts in the reading or activity pages--just enjoy reading them with your children!

Now available:
The following units in the Kindergarten sequence are now available: ALL ABOUT ME & BIRDS

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REPTILES * coming soon *
ROCKS * coming soon *
PUMPKINS * coming soon *
VOLCANOES * coming soon *
SNOW * coming soon *
PENGUINS * coming soon *