DIY Summer Camp for Older Kids: Bugs & Insects!

Older kids love bugs and worms and insects and spiders too!! The first week of our DIY Summer Camp Activities series is all about macroinvertebrates...things big enough to see that don't have back-bones! This includes insects, spiders, and worms too!

Three weeks ago a friend asked if we could babysit their bearded dragon. I told her, "My kids like reptiles. They like bugs. It sounds like fun!"  Every time they fed him a cockroach, they kids literally all gathered around the cage to watch him "go hunting!"

It turns out that my 
older kids (elementary and middle school aged) love bugs. They love to find them, identify them, and decide if they're dangerous or not.  They love to feed them to reptiles. They love to make little bug habitats and keep them safe and happy. Basically anything that involves bugs is going to be a hit here!

So we are starting out our DIY Summer Camp with Bugs!!

You can check out some of the things we did when they were younger, like this bug scavenger hunt, this worm habitat or our worm anatomy lesson! We also have some amazing butterfly activities (including experiments and printables) HERE, and even an ant experiment HERE!  

We also have a pretty awesome Snails and Slugs Unit too!

This week we are joining up with some of our favorite bloggers to bring you even more bug and insect (and other macroinvertebrates) themed DIY Summer Camp Activities! 

Check out this week's lineup:

May 2nd:
from Teaching Without Chairs

May 3rd:
from Teaching Without Chairs

May 6th:
from Teaching Without Chairs

May 7th:
Fibonacci, Golden Ratio, & Bugs

And if you have preschoolers, you will want to check out our DIY Bugs, Insects, & Critters Summer Camp Activities for Preschoolers HERE!

Do you love DIY Summer Camp activities? We have four themes this month that we are creating summer camp fun for: Bugs & Insects {this week!}, Art, Safari, and Chemistry!  

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