Pyramid Art (Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study Day 3)

This Pyramid Art Lesson is Day 3 in the Ancient Egyptian Class or Unit Study.  This lesson is designed for homeschool groups with children in grades 1-6.

Ancient Egypt Unit Study Day 3:

Pyramid Art

Length: 40-70 minutes (Our class was 60 minutes long, and most kids just barely had time to finish. Some kids could have used an extra 10 minutes.)

Goals: Students will use multimedia forms to learn about pyramids and create their own pyramid themed art.

Lesson Outline (details below):

1- Pyramid Discussion
2- Pyramid Video
3- Pyramid Art


* cardboard squares, cut to about 7-inch squares, 2 per person
* glue sticks
* paper
* paints (acrylic or tempera)
* scissors
* pyramid video:

Detailed Lesson:


1- Cut cardboard squares to about 7-inch squares. You will need two per person.
2- Load video

Lesson (with your kiddos!):

1- Ask your kiddos what they already know about the great pyramids in Egypt! Take a few minutes to share.

2- Watch this video about the great pyramids

3- Tell your kids: Today we're going to make pyramid-themed art using supplies the ancient Egyptians might have had! The ancient Egyptians made paper out of papyrus reeds that grew near rivers. We're using paper and cardboard made by machines to make textured art. Watch the process, and then you can make any design you want!

a- First, take your two cardboard squares. One will be the background. The other will be for cutting shapes. You can cut triangles to look like pyramids, lines for rivers, or any other shape you want. Glue your shapes onto the background.

b- Next, take your plain sheet of paper. Crumple it up and uncrumple it over and over and over until it is soft like fabric.

c- Gently glue your crumpled paper over your cardboard square with the shapes on it. Wrap the extra paper around the back of the square and glue it down.

d- Paint your art! The ancient Egyptians probably used paints made from flowers, but we're using lovely paints from the store. :)

Answer any questions and let them get to work!

Optional Extension Ideas:

* Make paper!
* Make pyramids with sugar cubes!
* Make pyramids with other building blocks!

Review what they've learned and their favorite parts of the day.

Did you enjoy this lesson? I'd love to hear from you!!

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