Atoms & Molecules: a Unit Study in 10 Days - Chemistry Curriculum

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Are you looking for an introductory chemistry curriculum for your homeschool science this year? Do you have elementary and middle school aged children? If so, keep reading!

I am delighted to announce that in June I will be bringing you 10 days of chemistry lessons focused on atoms and molecules for elementary and middle school aged homeschoolers! Of course, the lessons can also be used in public school, but they are written specifically for homeschoolers!

Do you want to do more experiments with your kids? Do they want to learn the basics about matter and its building blocks? Has it been a while since you learned about atoms and molecules?

If the answer to any of those questions is "YES!" then you will want to join me in June for this free curriculum! There will be 10 days of experiments, games, and other activities to learn all about atoms! The lessons and activities will be geared towards kids in 6th grade, but will be appropriate for 4th-8th, depending on your kids' skills and knowledge. They would even provide a fun, simple review for high-schoolers!

UPDATE: The "live" lessons are all completed! Thank you if you joined us as we posted each lesson!!  You can now buy the entire 10-lesson unit in one convenient download below!!

You can also "preview" each lesson, one at a time, below! 

Each lesson is designed to be "open and go" -- just print off the lesson, grab your supplies, and get started! If you don't remember the chemistry, reading the lesson with your kiddos as you go will be perfect!

Just use the "ADD TO CART" button to get the WHOLE 10-LESSON CURRICULUM with ALL THE GAMES, activities, experiments, and printables in one convenient file!! 

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Here is the suggested schedule:

Day 1: Intro to Atoms
Day 2: Inside an Atom (Atomic Names, Subatomic Particles, Atomic Structure, and the Periodic Table)
Day 3: Intro to the Periodic Table (Atomic Names, Subatomic Particles, Atomic Structure, and the Periodic Table)
Day 4: Abundant Atoms Game (Periodic Table, elements, trends)
Day 5: Molecules (How Atoms Combine, Covalent Bonds)
Day 6: Molecules, How Atoms Combine,  Covalent Bonds
Day 7: Molecules, How Atoms Combine, Ionic Bonds
Day 8: Common Molecules & Compounds
Day 9: Mighty Molecules Game
Day 10: Atom Projects

I created this unit as part of the 10 Days of Tips for Homeschool Moms! During these 10 days you will find all sorts of lessons, freebies, ideas, and inspiration to make your homeschooling life easier!  I'll share links to the other hosts in the series below!

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!