Octopuses Emergent Reader - a great first grade book to read online!

I am so excited to debut my Big Readers Series with the Octopuses emergent reader! It's a great little ebook for kids around a first grade level to read online or print and read in real life! It is perfect for homeschool, after school, or even just for fun!

We have been homeschooling for years, and I am always looking for high-interest emergent readers...right before my kids are ready for chapter books there's a point where they think their reading skills are a little too cool for picture books. It's a tricky stage because I want to nurture their new skills without telling them that they should be reading "baby books."  So I decided to make a series of readers that would take my own little emergent reader about 10 minutes to read. Most of the words can be sounded out, but there are a few harder ones (like "change" and "second."

If you have an emergent reader and would like to request a topic, shoot me an email! Otherwise, I'm trying to get one on my list up each week.  I printed a copy out, stapled it together, and we're reading it once a day for 4-5 days.

So far, my son has read it on the floor, on my bed, and on the couch. Homeschool happens everywhere and, really, you can read anywhere you want!

And, I know I mentioned that it is great for first graders, but even my fifth grader grabbed it to learn more about octopuses. It might have been super easy for her to read, but she had a great time doing it!

You could easily combine it with other octopus or ocean animal activities as part of an exciting homeschool Ocean Unit!

And if you're looking for more homeschool unit studies, be sure to check out our growing collection here!

Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!