DIY Summer Camp Activities for Homeschoolers & Older Kids

Do your homeschoolers want a summer camp? Are you hosting friends at a DIY Summer Camp? Do you just want some fun activities you can do with your kids this summer? Whatever you call it, you will love this month's DIY Summer Camp Activities series!!

We have done some kind of summer camp or club since my oldest kids were preschoolers--everything from a Nature ClubDIY Nature Camp to a Hiking Club, a Chemistry Class, and STEM Camps!

Now that I have "older kids" (in elementary and middle school) we're doing two sets of activities: one for the preschoolers (2-6 years old) and one for the older kids.

This year, each week in May I am joining forces with incredible bloggers who are sharing fun "summer camp activities" that you can do with your older kids too! {If you have preschoolers, click here!! We have summer camp activities for them too!}

Each week will feature a different theme. This year's themes are Art!, Safari!, Chemistry!, and Bugs!

To see all the activities, just click on the text below the pictures:



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PS. If you have preschool aged kids, be sure to hop over HERE to get even more activities that are in the SAME THEMES, but are designed for preschoolers!!

Happy Educating...and Happy DIY Summer Camp-ing!


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