DIY Summer Camp Activities for Older Kids: Chemistry Activities

Chemistry is the theme for the 3rd week of our DIY Summer Camp Activities series! This is a super fun, hands-on theme that kids love! 

My favorite thing about chemistry is that it is SO hands-on!! Trying new things and experimenting with concepts is the best way to learn them. Older kids often recognize an experiment or activity they saw in preschool, but are now ready for more in depth explanations and explorations. And the older they get, the more details they keep getting...I even learned new details about atomic structure when I was working on my Master's degree--details that we didn't bother with in my *three* undergrad chemistry classes!

This actually makes chemistry a great topic to study with mixed age groups because you can start with an experiment that everyone can appreciate, and then dive into more details with your older kids as your younger ones drift off to play.

I'll be updating this post throughout the Chemistry Week this month--be sure to check back each day for the live links!!

Remember that ALL CHEMISTRY PROJECTS SHOULD BE DONE UNDER CLOSE SUPERVISION! Always read the instructions closely and make sure your children can participate safely. Some activities are not appropriate for some children, and as the parent or teacher you are responsible to make sure your kiddos are safe. Also always make sure you are using proper safety goggles and protective gear any time you use heat, glass, and/or chemicals.

And while you're waiting, you can check out some of the most popular chemistry projects and activities I've done that are wonderful for teaching older kids chemistry concepts: Edible Atomic Structures, Catching a Gas, Making Colored Fire, and Ghost Slime

Check out this week's lineup:

May 17th:
from Teaching Without Chairs

May 20th:

May 21st:
from Teaching Without Chairs

May 24th:

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