Christmas in Hawaii Activities--Hands-on Christmas Around the World

Christmas in Hawaii is the first packet of hands-on activities to learn about Christmas in different parts of the world! You can see the whole Hands-on Christmas Around the World series HERE!

This little packet gives you a brief history of Christmas in Hawaii, and how it is often celebrated. It is perfect for homeschoolers learning about different countries, states, and parts of the world, and how we celebrate around the globe! 

I've actually had a ton of fun putting this little packet together and sharing different customs I've learned about with my kids! It's been doubly fun because a couple of my kids are learning the ukulele (and teaching me!), so we already have a piqued interest in Hawaii! Did you know the ukulele comes from Hawaii? It's just one of many things I've learned during the last week!

This packet includes six activity suggestions to help you learn about and appreciate Hawaiian culture and how they celebrate Christmas--I encourage you to pick one or two that meet your family's needs the best! (Or you can be a super achiever and try all six!)  The activity suggestions cover a range of interests and ability needs--they include crafts, music, STEM, cooking, and more!

There is also a coloring page for younger siblings! 

The whole packet goes wonderfully with my other Christmas in Hawaii activities: Santa's Missing Canoe mystery and Santa's Canoe STEM project. You can find links to both of those at my  Hands-on Christmas Around the World series HERE!

I would LOVE to hear which activities you do, and how they work for you! Feel free to send me pictures or tag me on Facebook (Teaching Without Chairs) or Instagram (Preschool_Powol_Packets)!

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!