Christmas Cards - Nigeria - Christmas Around the World for Kids

We visited Nigeria in our Christmas Around the World for Kids series for the second activity because it is one that can make such a meaningful gift at the beginning of December!  

Nigeria is a country on the west coast in Africa:

Christmas in Nigeria is a big family event! The most common traditions include a Christmas Dinner, sharing gifts and cards, and visiting family. Many families will stay up super late on Christmas Eve partying and then go to church on Christmas Day. They like to decorate with lights and indoor Christmas trees. A traditional Christmas meal usually includes beef, goat, sheep, or chicken, along with sides like yams, rice, green salad, or stew. 

Nigeria Christmas Around the World for Kids Activity:

Both children and adults often make cards to give to each other during December, so for our Nigeria "visit," we are making Christmas cards!

I pulled out a lot of colored paper, scissors, glue, and pens and markers, and let the kids get to work!

They always come up with something awesome! 

And I like to create along with them. ;) 

Afterwards, I worked on the envelopes and addresses, and they glued in their Nigeria stamp. And bonus: it's early enough in December that we can mail these out!

We are learning about Christmas around the world this year with 12 different activities--this was the second one!  I would LOVE if you joined us!! I will be linking all the activities to THIS PAGE, so you can pick and choose which to do. I'll be putting up a new one each week day until the 16th!

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Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!