Free Kids Planner! -- Perfect for Kids Planning Homeschool or Other Activities!

I'm always trying new things! Last year I made a really fantastic daily and weekly and monthly planner, but I know some people want things a little less-intense. And, like I mentioned yesterday, I think January is always a good time of year to make new goals! So, I'm sharing this awesome little kids planner:

As you can see it has room for daily priorities, schedules, acts of kindness, reading lists, chores, and even a "doodle" or note board!  

I think it would work great, whether or not you're homeschooling!

You can print as many copies of pages like the doodle board or the daily schedule to meet your kids' needs for a little planner!

I hope you enjoy it! 💖

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Happy Educating,
💖 Carla & the kids who don't sit still!