Snails Emergent Reader | Homeschool | Early Reader

I have a new emergent reader for our Big Readers Series: this week, it's all about SNAILS! It's a great little ebook for kids around a first grade level to read online or print and read in real life! It is perfect for homeschool, after school, or even just for fun! And it would tie in great with our SNAILS Homeschool Science Unit Study!

As you know, I started making these a few weeks ago because I have a kiddo who has reached a  point where he thinks his reading skills are a little too cool for picture books, but they're not quite ready for chapter books. It's a tricky stage because I want to nurture their new skills without telling them that they should be reading "baby books."

He actually requested this topic...probably because of our snail themed activities--he especially enjoyed the Snail Life Cycle Game! This one also has some challenging words like "ocean," "Australian," and "crawl," but lots of amazing fun facts to make it worth the kids' effort!

If YOU have an emergent reader and would like to request a topic, shoot me an email! Otherwise, I'm trying to get one on my list up each week.  I print a copy out, staple it together, and we read it once a day for 4-5 days.

My son reads these things everywhere. Homeschool happens everywhere and, really, you can read anywhere you want!

My almost-6th grader is still grabbing each minibook and having a quick read-through...she enjoys the fun facts as much as any younger kid!

And if you're looking for more homeschool unit studies, be sure to check out our growing collection here!

Happy Educating,
Carla & the kids who don't sit still!